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A Winter Inkspiration


Hello Inksters! Merry Christmas and Happy Winter!

As another way to celebrate the magic of the holiday, find some time today to write about this imaginative painting by artist Natalie del Villar. What do you notice? What is happening in the different spaces pictured here? What is the girl in the painting making?

Happy Creating!



Wish Upon a Holiday Star


Hello Inksters!

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to make wish lists of all those things you want and all those experiences you want to have.

But, what if we take that tradition of gift getting and give it a different shape?

Enter today’s Inkstart: the Holiday Wish Star.

  • Grab paper, pencils, pens, markers, stickers…
  • Draw a large star on a piece of paper.
  • At the center of the star, write, “I wish for…” or “I hope for…”
  • In each point of the star, write your wish or hope for a specific person or place. Here, Logan wished gifts for herself, her grandmother, good friends, for her neighborhood, and for the world. Wyatt used one point for himself, one for his brother and sister, one for his friend, Gracie, one for the place he lives in, and one for the world.
  • Decorate your stars if you wish.
  • The idea is to fill each point in as you think about a particular person or place or program that is important to you. You get one point, and the other points invite you to wish, hope, and plan for giving to others.

It’s not too late to create a star for Christmas. Think about wishes and hopes that you can’t buy, but that you can give just by spending time with someone. Perhaps you wish for someone to be happy — maybe you’ll share your smile or a funny story with them. Maybe you love music and so your gift would be to sing songs with your family during your holiday time together.

Perhaps you’ll decide to look through your Inkster Notebook and find something you’ve written to give to someone special.

Use these stars for New Year’s, too. Have everyone you are with create stars full of wishes or hopes for the New Year.

Be sure to share your stars here with us by commenting on this post.

Happy Wishing and Writing!