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Where is Fall?



Hello Inksters!

It’s been a long time. Too long. But I hope you were off finding inspiration right where you are.

We’re back…and just in time for the start of Fall, or Autumn. I know we don’t want to let go of summer and Fall is not yet officially here. But we are starting to see early signs of it. In the Northeast United States, Fall is a dramatic season. Green leaves dress in brilliant oranges,reds, and yellows. The air turns crisp (Sometimes. Eventually…It’s been quite warm recently in New Hampshire!). People go apple picking. We are all in school. So, today’s inkspiration invites us to pay close attention to Fall.

Your inkspiration today is to go outside and find Fall. Where is Fall where you live? Is it in the colorful fallen leaves on the ground? At the tips of mountain ranges? It is on a calendar hanging on a wall? Do you smell it in the air’s crispness? Do you taste it in homemade or store purchased apple pies? Is it sitting on your steps in the form of a pumpkin waiting for decorations? Or is it in your early dreams of Halloween fun? Wherever it is, go out and find it! Then sit with it for a while and write about it in your journals. Sketch it, too. Use all your senses and your deep imaginations to capture early Fall on the page.

But, you might be wondering, what if you live in a place where Fall doesn’t happen in a dramatic way? Well, then write a piece that captures the specifics of your place now. Or write a story where you imagine how Fall might make its way to you.

Please send your Fall our way by replying to this post.

Happy Writing and Happy Fall!