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Inktopia Kids is on Instagram!

Inktopia Kids is on Instagram!

Hi Inksters!

Spring has sprung and so have we; Inktopia Kids is officially on instagram! Follow us at @inktopiakids for even more writing prompts and pictures to tag along.

As we spread to new platforms, we want to know what new things you’re trying this spring-perhaps a new food from a garden or maybe a sport you have been watching an older sibling play. Take your Writing Journal and fill a page (or more!) with what you are going to try and why you are excited to do so. After you write, ask someone in your family to comment on Inktopia Kid’s latest instagram post with what you are going to try.

We can’t wait to see what you will do!

Pen Me: An Invitation to Write Letters


Want to write letters, too? Read on to learn how to receive free, really cool notecards!

Hi Inksters!

How exciting is it to get a letter in the mail? It probably does not happen often, but when it does, it is nice to open a letter that has been written by hand by a friend or a family member – and just for you! To add to the fun, getting a letter also means you’ve been invited to write a letter back!

April is National Letter Writing Month. So, open your Writing Journals and make a list of people you want to write. Start collecting addresses (home addresses, not email addresses!). And join us at Inktopia Kids for a few weeks of letter writing fun!

Inktopia Kids is launching a letter writing campaign called Pen Me. Pen Me invites all Inksters to write three letters to three different people and then mail them. During Pen Me, Inktopia Kids will help you use your writing to connect to friends and family who live near or far away from you. Throughout the month of May (we are choosing our own letter writing month!), you will find letter-writing Inkspiration – tips, prompts, ideas, and letters written by other Inksters – on Inktopia Kids. And your grown-ups will find letter Inkspiration here, too!

Every time you decide to write a letter, you give yourself a chance to be creative, to share your likes, dislikes, questions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings with the person you are writing to. And you have the chance to make all kinds of fun choices – like who will you write? What will you write about? What kind of paper will you write on? What color pen or pencil will you write with? Will you include something fun in the letter? Will you illustrate the letter? What kinds of stamp will you use?

We were inspired to launch Pen Me after learning about Egg Press’ Write_On Letter Writing Campaign. They highlighted Inktopia Kids on their website! And the generous folks at Egg Press have sent us some really cool notecards from their collection for us to use when we write. (Thanks, Egg Press!)


So Inksters, wanna write a letter? We want to help get you started! If you are interested in receiving a Pen Me Starter Packet of three cards with envelopes, post a comment on Inktopia Kids answering the following: Why do you want to write letters? Who do you plan to write first? Then, write us directly at and let us know where to send your cards. You will get mail even before you write your first letter!

Get excited to write some letters! Who knows? Someone may even write you back!

What’s Inside: Easter and Passover Inklings



Hello Inksters!

How many of you celebrate Easter or Passover? What comes to mind when you think of these holidays? Perhaps you think of celebrating a Seder with family and friends. Or maybe you get excited at the thought of Easter egg hunts in the park. Or perhaps you love worshipping with your family at church. Perhaps, along with holiday excitement, you also are thrilled at the promise of Springtime.

And, since you’re all Inksters, maybe you think about writing too!

Today’s first Inkling (yes, there’s two!) invites you to answer this question: What’s inside this container?

First, choose ONE of the containers below:

  • Easter egg
  • Egg in a nest
  • Elijah cup
  • Easter Basket
  • Nest
  • Hole in the trunk of a tree
  • Grace Garden
  • Glass jar
  • Plate
  • Spring dress shoes
  • Pocket in a jacket or blazer you haven’t worn since last Spring
  • Space between tall grass

Then write about this: If you could put anything inside your container, what would it be?

What you choose to put inside your container could be smaller than the container, larger than the container, or fit just perfectly inside the container. It can be an object you can hold (like a key?), one you can see (like a mountain?), or a feeling (like happiness?). Maybe your container will hold a memory or an expression of belief or knowledge. Maybe it will hold questions or things you are curious about.

An added bonus in today’s post: Click on the pictures above and they will take you to really fun holiday craft ideas!

And here’s the second inkling:

Write a story of 250 words that includes the following sentence:

While all the other eggs were plastic and pastel, this egg was different.


Happy Writing! Happy Spring!