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Logo drawn by Logan

Hi Inksters!

Today’s inkspiration is linked to a book collection project. Logan, age 12, aims to collect 2,017 books that feature stories, settings, and characters from countries and cultures across the globe. Inspired both by Marley Dias’ #1000blackgirlbooks and by her own past bookraising projects that resulted in she and her brothers sending books to underserved children in Nigeria, Trinidad (through Ray of Hope), and to the Lund Home in Burlington, Vermont, Logan wants to collect even more books this time around. “Maybe if we read stories about people from parts of the world that are different from where we live,” Logan said, “we would understand and appreciate each other better.” Logan wants readers to enjoy seeing characters like themselves inbooks, and she wants young readers like herself to see the world beyond where they live. She hopes to collect books for children ages infant to YA.

As a part of #2017ReadYourWorld, Logan and other inksters will post book titles and reviews of books that will help us all travel through literature — right from where we are. They will also create writing inkspirations based on each book they review. Hopefully these books will inspire you to read and write where you are! 

If you have a book you would like to share with other inksters, please post a comment to this post with a title.

If you would like to review a book, please send your name, age, and review to and your review will be featured here at Inktopia Kids. Send along an inkspiration based on the book as well — a favorite line, a question, a theme, a favorite illustration or passage from the book.

If you would like to contribute a book to #2017ReadYourWorld, please send books to Inktopia Kids P.O. Box 1879 Plymouth, NH 03264.

Happy reading, writing, and globe trotting, inksters!