Want to spark your individual creativity? Traveling and want to record the fun? Looking for a way to write without being on-line? Want to write and design journals on your own time? These Write Where You Are Writing Kits are for you!

(Grown-Ups: don’t forget about yourself! These kits are great for adults, too!)

They also make great gifts!

Planning a birthday party? Write Where You Are Writing Kits make great party favors! Please contact for specifics and pricing.

Special Note: Freeze your summer! Write Where You Are Writing Kits — Frozen Theme are available in any of these formats upon request. Interested in another theme? Just ask!

(Photos of kits coming soon — or email if interested in seeing a quick snapshot)

Letter Box:

Letter writing prompts, stationery, envelopes, stamps, labels, pencils, decorative tape (to seal envelopes), and other fun

items come in a keepsake box. Choose an unfinished wood box ($30) or a cardboard box ($20). Either choice allows your child to

decorate the container to her or his liking, and serves as a lap desk on the go!

Journal in a Jar:

A clear jar filled with questions to prompt hours of creative journal writing. Comes with a journal and pencils. $25 (special theme request). Jar monogram (one initial) available for $5 extra.


Includes enough recycled materials and instructions to make a scroll, an envelope book, basic journals with neat folding techniques, and a book cover from a cereal box — all packaged inside a cereal box! Writing prompts included. $15/$20 special prompt themes.


A small journal you can tote around with ease! Each SCRAP journal is one-of-a-kind, handmade from recycled materials. Write on fun pages including decorative papers, fabric, old library cards, and newspaper! $10; Included pen, pencil, fabric marker, and sharpie: $20

Tin-y Notes:

A small accordion book inside a decorated mint tin! Great for quick thoughts and list making. $5

Notes to Self:

A journal made out of envelopes. Each envelope contains cool paper for notes, lists, etc. Prompts included. 10 envelope pages: $6


Record your thoughts or stories or poems on a trading card (yes, the size of a baseball card!) and decorate it with an illustration. Invite your friends to create their own, too. Then have fun trading (publishing!) your words — or keep them as a collection of your summer writings. Prompts included. $6 for a set of 12 cards/$10 for 2 sets (one to share with a friend!)

Writer’s House:

A small wooden house that can double as a dollhouse or firehouse or barn, filled with journals, writing prompts, fun pens and pencils, and a journal making kit. $45


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