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What’s in Your Heart?



Hello Inksters!

Happy Valentine’s Day! As we exchange cards and sweets with classmates and friends, it’s also a great time to think about what we love. To help you think about love, this Inkspiration invites you to map your heart:

  • Gather crayons, markers, stickers, colorful paper, and paints.
  • Draw or paint a large heart on a piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Divide the heart into sections, like you are drawing countries on the heart.
  • In each section or area, write something or someone you love.
  • Make your heart colorful and vibrant.
  • After you have filled your heart, take some time to look at what your heart holds. What and who do you love? What does love feel like, sound like, or look like to you? What do you hold in your heart?
  • Take some time to write what you notice in your Writer’s Notebook. Or to write about one item that you’ve written on your heart. Is there something on your heart that you want to say more about? Or a person on your heart to whom you want to write a letter? Use your heart to lead you to more creativity and more writing.

Here are some wonderful Heart Maps to give you more inkspiration:

Click on this heart for more heart map ideas:


Or print out these hearts and use them to make your Heart Maps:

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We like this heart garland craft from Try using this craft to create a different kind of heart map. Write what you love on the slips of paper and then follow the directions to make hearts for the garland:


Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Writing!

Frozen Words



Hello Inksters!

Yesterday we stepped outside our house onto sheets on ice. Our yard, the driveway, our car, our street — everything was covered in ice! In other places, people are surrounded by mounds of snow. Winter has transformed our world!

So, let’s turn all that ice and snow into a reason to write!

Here is the question:

  • When I woke up the next morning, my world was covered in ________________________.

You might take the word “covered” and change it to something else — Bathed in? Surrounded by? Bombarded with? And then fill in the blank with a story or poem. Unfreeze that amazing imagination of yours!

Have fun writing and be sure to send your creations along.