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Inktopia Kids Poetry Reading


Hi Inksters!

Recently, to round off two months of Inktopia Writing Club, young Inksters read their original writing to a full theater at the Holderness School . On this special night, Inksters provided intermission entertainment during the school’s annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

First up,  Claire reading “Hideout”. Click on the link to watch and listen!

Now, your turn: How would you describe your favorite place to hide out?


A little background: Every week in their club meetings, Inksters wrote new poems, stories, dialogue, and vignettes, played word games, and shared their writing with each other. They had a lot of material to choose from for their reading!

About reading in front of 300 people, most of whom were high school students, Claire (age 8), said, “They were all so nice. They clapped and came up to me to let me know how good my poem was.” Lucas, also age 8, said he was “so nervous. I couldn’t believe I was on the stage. But I did it!” And Cannon, age 11, is ready to do this again. “I’m excited about Spring,” Cannon shared, “because we’ll start up Writing Club again!”

Over the next few posts, we’ll feature more brave Inksters as they share their writing in front of a live audience. Maybe you’ll be inspired to write in response or to find a way to share one of your creations with an audience of 1 or 300!

Happy Listening and Watching!