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Becoming a Character


Inktopia Kids is inviting young Inksters to create writing prompts for our site! Logan, age 10, is this week’s Inkster blogger. See what she’s created for you to spur your inkspiration…

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Hello Inksters!

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to dress up and trick-or-treat. Soon the streets will be filled with goblins, ghosts, and witches. There might be some princesses and some fairies, too. Some costumes are scary and others are sweet. Some give you the s h i v e r s. All costumes are unique and special in their own way.

But, what if you could really become the character you’re dressing up as?

Write a story sharing what adventures you would have if you could become your character.

If you do not dress up for Halloween, think about your favorite characters from books you’ve enjoyed. Which characters would you like to pretend to be? What adventures would you have as that character?

Remember to share your stories here on Inktopia Kids.

Happy Writing!