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Writing Home


Hello Inksters!

Welcome to the first of many InkStarts — writing questions, “ink-in-the-blanks”, pictures, sounds, fun words and phrases — that will give you fun reasons to write.

Gather paper — loose leaf, gathered in a binder, bound in a notebook, lined, unlined, small, large, a napkin, a post-it note, a brown paper grocery bag — and pens, pencils, or markers. Find a space where you like to write and settle in.

Now, Inktopia Kids’ FIRST INKSTART EVER!!!

An Ink-in-the-Blank:

When I think of home, I think of __________________.

Write down as many ideas for that blank as you can. Remember, the blank is as long and can hold as many words as you want it to. It can hold words and pictures too, so go ahead and illustrate your writing.

Here are some ideas to keep you going:

  • Fill in the blank by using your five senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling
  • How does home make you feel?
  • Imagine your home as completely full — what people and things would the home hold?
  • How do you feel when you are away from home?

Feel free to shape your words and pictures any way you wish. Your writing might just turn into a story, a poem, a letter, a list… Whatever you write, the goal is to help other kids feel and understand what home is to you when they read your writing.

Enjoy. And, until next time, remember: Write where you are!