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Inktopia Kids’ Notebook Challenge


Hi Inksters!

For this week’s Inkspiration, we are launching a summer writing challenge. From now until the end of August, we invited you to participate in Inktopia Kids’ first ever Notebook Challenge!

The theme is “My Inktopia Summer.”

20140821_112536Write in your notebook about anything about your summer — or an imagined summer:

  • Pick up a clean writer’s notebook. Any size, any shape, purchased or self-made.
  • Prepare to write! Fill those pages with words you find that you like or that you are curious about. Fill them with stories or lines of poetry. Fill them with comments about your day.
  • Illustrate your writing anyway you choose.

Check Inktopia Kids for inkspirations each Monday and Thursday for the rest of the summer to help you fill those journals with your creativity.

Enjoying creating your own Inktopias in those notebooks! And remember to spread the ink!¬†Share pages with us by taking photos of the page and sending the image as a jpeg to inktopiakids@gmail.com. We will post your Writer’s Notebook pages on our site. Help us fill our site with summer fun!

A Different Way to Travel



Hello Inksters!

We are fortunate to be off to Trinidad and Tobago to visit family. The kids are so excited to travel on a plane.

Where are you traveling or where have you already¬†traveled this summer? How did you travel — by car, train, bus, plane, boat, a bike, your feet?

This Inkspiration asks you to imagine different ways to travel. We are flying on a plane to Trinidad. But what would the trip be like, say, if we took a hot air balloon? Or if we could fly there like a migrating bird?

Write about a place you’ve traveled to, either this summer or some other time. Imagine a different mode of transportation to that place. Describe the experience. What would you notice that you didn’t before? How would it feel to be able to try a different mode of travel?

We also travel in small, necessary ways every day — to the grocery store, the beach, a friend’s house, our mailboxes, our own backyards. Imagine yourself traveling to these places in different, magical ways.

Perhaps your words will find you enjoying a magic carpet ride — to Target!

Happy Writing! Happy Travels!