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How Did this Peacock Lose Its Colors?


Hello Inksters,

Happy Midsummer! It’s been way too long since we posted.

Your Inkspiration: 


Yes, this is a peacock. Yes, it is white. We saw this peacock at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey a few years ago.

So how did this peacock lose its colors?


How does the peacock get its colors?

Choose one of these questions and write away — right where you are!

Send in your stories, poems, explanations, plays, or songs. If you decide to color or paint the peacock, send your illustrations in as well.

Happy Creating, Inksters!



Today’s Inkling: Which Door?



This week’s Inkling, found here, asks you to imagine what happens when you choose to walk through one of the doors in the picture. Explain your choice or tell a story about what happens after you step through the door. Inktopia Kids will add one more option: Write about what happens after you step back through the door and back to the outside.

Happy Writing!

thINK thursday: Thanksgiving Stories


Welcome back to thINK thursday! This week: Thanksgiving stories. Click on a cover to learn more about each book.

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And a craft: Make felt food to play with while reading There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie or click on the image to find printables of similar images.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

How Sweet it Is!



Today’s thINK thursday is all about Halloween and all that sweet candy our kids will collect as they go Trick or Treating. While I enjoy so much how creative my little Inksters are in their choice of costume, and how excited they are by Halloween parades and the chance to knock on their neighbors’ doors for treats, I dread thinking about the amount of sugar entering the house at the end of it all.

But, what if we take all that candy and turn it into sweet stories and poems? Here are some prompts:

  • Ask your Inkster to choose a piece of candy from their bags and tell the story of the evening from the candy’s point of view.
  • What if all the candy went on strike before Halloween?
  • Use your senses — seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling — to write a special poem about your favorite kind of Halloween candy.
  • What is it like for that Snickers to meet a Starburst?
  • Write this story and draw an illustration: The Candy that Wanted a Different Wrapper.
  • Or this story: The Candy that Became a Rapper

Remember to post your Inksters’ creations here and share some of your costume choices, too! Don’t forget to feed your own creative sweet tooth on these prompts, too!

Happy Writing! Happy Halloween!