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Hair Stories


Hello Inksters!

Happy Summer! Check out this painting from artist Natalie del Villar:

Painting by Natalie del Villar

What an imaginative painting! Let’s use it as a fun invitation — our newest Inkspiration — to write.

  • What do you see in this girl’s hair? Describe what you see using all five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling.
  • Write a list of words that you think of as you look at this painting. They can be words that describe (adjectives and adverbs), words that do something (verbs), or words that are feelings.
  • Tell the story of how one of these items got into the girl’s hair.
  • Why doesn’t the little girl want her hair combed? What would happen if the comb in the picture was run through her hair?
  • If you could add something to her hair, what would it be? Why? Where in her hair would it go?
  • Draw a picture of you and your hair. Draw objects in your hair. Tell a story about the picture you draw. How does it feel to have all these things in your hair? Do you want to keep them there? If so, write a story about how you manage to keep them in your hair and what it feels like to have them there. If not, make sure your story shows us how you get rid of them.

Remember to send your writing and drawing our way so we and the artist can see what this image inspired you to create. Have fun writing where you are!


thINK thursdays!



Hello Inkster Parents!

Welcome to the launch of thINK thursday! Each Thursday, Inktopia Kids will share ideas with you about how to support your children as developing writers. We’ll highlight topics like:

  • Research on writing and reading
  • Writing and the iPad (or laptop or tablet or smartphone…)
  • Strategies to help young pre-reading and pre-writing children develop skills that will help them later as readers and writers
  • Ideas about ways to create inktopias — writing-friendly spaces — at home
  • Gift ideas for your Inksters
  • Books your Inksters may enjoy and writing activities to go along with them

And, every once in a while, we’ll even post ways to help you in your writing practice, too!

So plan a visit to Inktopia Kids every Thursday for thINK thursday! And don’t forget to let us know what you thINK by commenting here or on our Facebook page.

And so, here’s the first thINK thursday post (drum roll, please):

From the website, Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds, a fun fall pinecone activity that will keep strengthening those little Inkster fingers and get them ready for handwriting! Plus, this gets the kids outside to hunt for pinecones and help a bit with yard work. This activity is fun for all ages, not just the littlest inkster:


To spend more time with pinecones, visit this next site for more fine motor skills art developed around a reading of Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon:


  • You could take your painted pinecones and make them into pinecone pals or ornaments.
  • Make the day a “P” Day — What words can your child think of that begin with “P?”
  • For older children: Which of those “P” words can they find a rhyming word for?
  • Which of those “P” words can they work into a poem about Fall?

That’s a lot to thINK about! Take your pick.

Happy thINKing!

Ink This!


Picture This!

This week’s Inkspiration features this painting by New York artist Natalie del Villar.

Look carefully at this painting. Soak it in. Then open your writing journal and see where this painting, your pencil, and your imagination all lead.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • What do you see in the painting? Describe it.
  • What is happening in this painting? Tell us.
  • Imagine what the girl’s voice sounds like. Then write in that voice.
  • Imagine what the eye’s voice sounds like. Then write in that voice.
  • Complete this story: “The eye tapped the girl on the shoulder. She turned around and …”

Wanna share your imaginings with the rest of the Inktopia Kids community? Then remember to comment to this post. Or write us at inktopiakids@gmail.com.

Parents: For more of Natalie del Villar’s amazing work, visit her website: http://nataliedelvillar.com/