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Window Inkspiration


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Hello Inksters!

Take a moment and look out your window. Really! Look out the window at the world just beyond your door. What do you see? I see snow falling on an already snow-covered ground. Winter fun! Use whatever you see outside as inkspiration. Here are some ideas:



Christmas Inkspiration

  • Write a letter to Santa alerting him to the weather in your area. He may appreciate your extra help as he makes final plans for his trip!

Kwanzaa Inkspiration

  • Kuumba, the KiSwahili word for creativity, is one of the Seven principles of Kwanzaa. Use this inkspiration to practice and reflect on Kuumba — today, during Kwanzaa, and every day!

Anytime Inkspiration

  • Use what you see through your window as a setting for a story.
  • Use the scene to remember. When, for example, was the last time you played in the snow? Write about it!
  • Notice something happening? Write the next step in the action — or the step before!
  • Write an explanation. For example, How does it snow? Write a scientific or mythical explanation.
  • Describe and draw a creature that could live in this scene.
  • Pick a spot to observe throughout the day. Perhaps a particular square in your window pane? Revisit your window throughout the day. Keep track in your journal of the changes you see in a small area.
  • If you can, get outside and observe your small area up close. Use all of your senses to describe the spot. If you can’t get outside, imagine how the spot sounds, feels, smells, tastes.

Nothing sparking your inkspiration outside your own window? Then write about this view outside the windows of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana:


Happy Creating! Be sure to share what you create!


Chill Out



Happy Summer! You’ve spent the entire school year learning, growing, playing, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, being a good friend, finding new things to like and not like. Now Summer is here, and I’m sure there is so much you are excited about doing during your vacation. But, before you jump happily into days full of sun-soaking fun, chill out.

Yes, chill out! There’s no need anymore to rush through very early mornings to get to school on time. There’s no homework clamoring in your backpack for completion. No library books longing to return to your school’s bookshelves (well, you may want to double check that one!). There’s now at least a little time to take it easy. Maybe even have a long breakfast (that’s what my 6 year old son calls breakfast that is cooked fresh, that we don’t have to eat fast — a chat-as-you-eat meal)!

So, this InkStart asks you to take a moment to chill out and create a Chill Out Page:

  • Grab your journal or any paper and pen or pencil and take it with you to a comfortable, cozy place: your backyard, your porch, a corner of a room, a local playground, your favorite chair, under the dining room table, a fort you’ve built — anywhere that is comfortable.
  • Get comfortable. Sit, stand, stretch out, hang out.
  • Notice what is around you. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?
  • When you are ready, write. Describe what you see, hear, and feel.

What made it to your Chill Out page? Remember to share your writing — and forts — with us! And remember to chill out from time to time during the Summer and write it all down, write where you are!