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How Did this Peacock Lose Its Colors?


Hello Inksters,

Happy Midsummer! It’s been way too long since we posted.

Your Inkspiration: 


Yes, this is a peacock. Yes, it is white. We saw this peacock at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey a few years ago.

So how did this peacock lose its colors?


How does the peacock get its colors?

Choose one of these questions and write away — right where you are!

Send in your stories, poems, explanations, plays, or songs. If you decide to color or paint the peacock, send your illustrations in as well.

Happy Creating, Inksters!



PEN ME #5: Write to Someone in the Military


To learn more about Memorial Day, visit http://www.timeforkids.com/news/meaning-memorial-day/40391

Hello Inksters!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and Memorial Day is May 26th. What is Memorial Day? It is a national holiday in the United States when we take time to remember the men and women in the military who served in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

So this PEN ME letter writing prompt invites you to write a letter to a person who is serving in the Military.

I know from family members who have served and are serving in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, mail call can be a wonderful time of day — if you are one of the people who receives mail. But many service people don’t receive mail when they are away from home. Take this opportunity to brighten a service person’s day! If you have a family member or family friend serving in the Military, write her or him a letter.

What do you say to a person in the Military? Here are some ideas:

  • Thank them for serving in the military.
  • Share with them a highlight from your day.
  • Tell the person about your pet, what you enjoy about school, or what you would love to do on a day off.
  • Talk about your favorite sport to play, your favorite activity, or your favorite music.
  • Ask the person a question about something you are wondering about.

As with all your writing, be very descriptive — use all your senses to create a very vivid letter for the service person to read and enjoy.

If you do not already know someone who is serving in the Military to write to, here are a few organizations you can contact:

One last idea: Think about also writing a letter to someone who has served in the Military in the past. Retired Veterans like to receive mail, too!

PEN ME: Letter Inkspiration #1



Hello Inksters!

Today’s the day to put pen to paper and start writing those letters! Need some inkspiration? How about this:

Have you ever wondered what an older relative was like when she or he was your age?

Yes? Well then, here’s your chance to find out!

  • Choose an older relative to write to.
  • Gather your paper, pen, pencil, envelope
  • Gather any stickers or other fun item you want to use to decorate your letter and envelope
  • Write to this person asking about her or his childhood — What did they like to spend their time doing? Where did they like to go? Who was their favorite friend? Ask plenty of questions.
  • What to do after writing your wonderful letter? Mail it, of course!

Let us know if and when you start receiving letters in the mail!