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Inktober Saved my Creativity


Hi Inksters!

It’s been too long!

Here to pull us out of our posting slump is artist and creative superhero Allison Plourde. Allison generously shares with us how she recently saved her creativity. As we enjoy seasons of light and giving, remember to give yourself the gift of inkspiration and creative expression — wherever you are.


Star by Allison Plourde

Guest post by Allison Plourde

I love getting lost in a drawing. When the background fades away and no worries cross my mind because I am just creating and doing what I love. Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I was drawing, on tables, chairs, walls, oh and paper too! Now that I have two small children of my own I find myself farther and farther away from my creative outlets. I missed the feeling badly, especially when I saw some of my friends posting images of their drawings. That motivated me to sign up for Instagram.


In the month of October on Instagram they have a worldwide drawing challenge known as Inktober. Inktober offers artists a prompt for every day of the month and just asks that you create a drawing in ink and post the work daily marked with #inktober2018. This was fascinating to me. I joined in and started working on the prompt of the day: Exhausted. Picking up a micron pen I tried not to overthink it, and I just started drawing. I drew an image of a sleeping moon with an exhausted humanoid asleep on top of it. There were stars twinkling around the moon and cross-hatchings of the micron pen that felt therapeutic with each line drawn. I posted it onto Instagram and started a following which felt exciting to have a group of artists to collaborate with and be inspired by. As days went on I kept on working with each prompt: Star, Precious, Flowing, Cruel. I also eventually grouped some of the words together for one drawing which gave me a chance to spend more time on one drawing. For example, I grouped Chop and Prickly into one drawing of a Hedgehog standing on chopsticks.


Prickly by Allison Plourde

It felt great to be creative again. To find my mind brainstorming all the different ideas for certain prompts until I came up with the best idea I had and unique composition that would intrigue my viewers. I loved building my network of artists on Instagram, seeing their work and commenting on it. Inktober got my hands working again and it got me into a creative routine that I need to keep up with as October comes to an end. There are many other contests on Instagram that I may have to look into. I hope you look into it as well.

Stay creative my friends, and Embrace your Inner Crazy.  


Tick, Tock by Allison Plourde


Ready, Set, PEN ME!



Hello Inksters!

It’s time to launch PEN ME — Inktopia Kids’ letter writing campaign! Starting Monday, May 11, be sure to check in here every Tuesday and Thursday for the entire month. You’ll find ideas for letter writing, creative ways to decorate letters and envelopes, and letters written by other Inksters.

If you have ideas or letters to share, be sure to write us by commenting on this post.

For now, here’s a special weekend Inkling for all those who want to write letters for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is May 10th, but you don’t have to limit writing to your mom’s and other special caregivers in your life just to Mother’s Day. Why not write your letter today — to your mom, grandmother, an aunt, a family friend, or someone who wonderfully cares for or shows care towards you. Imagine how surprised she’ll be when she receives your letter on a day when she’s not expecting it!

Use the following Inkstarts as topics for your letters…

In your letter, finish the following sentences:

  • “I like it when you…”


  • “I remember when we…”

Remember to use all your senses when you write so your letters are even more wonderful to read.

Have fun writing those letters. And remember to mail them when you’re done!

See you back here every T-day in May!

What’s Inside: Easter and Passover Inklings



Hello Inksters!

How many of you celebrate Easter or Passover? What comes to mind when you think of these holidays? Perhaps you think of celebrating a Seder with family and friends. Or maybe you get excited at the thought of Easter egg hunts in the park. Or perhaps you love worshipping with your family at church. Perhaps, along with holiday excitement, you also are thrilled at the promise of Springtime.

And, since you’re all Inksters, maybe you think about writing too!

Today’s first Inkling (yes, there’s two!) invites you to answer this question: What’s inside this container?

First, choose ONE of the containers below:

  • Easter egg
  • Egg in a nest
  • Elijah cup
  • Easter Basket
  • Nest
  • Hole in the trunk of a tree
  • Grace Garden
  • Glass jar
  • Plate
  • Spring dress shoes
  • Pocket in a jacket or blazer you haven’t worn since last Spring
  • Space between tall grass

Then write about this: If you could put anything inside your container, what would it be?

What you choose to put inside your container could be smaller than the container, larger than the container, or fit just perfectly inside the container. It can be an object you can hold (like a key?), one you can see (like a mountain?), or a feeling (like happiness?). Maybe your container will hold a memory or an expression of belief or knowledge. Maybe it will hold questions or things you are curious about.

An added bonus in today’s post: Click on the pictures above and they will take you to really fun holiday craft ideas!

And here’s the second inkling:

Write a story of 250 words that includes the following sentence:

While all the other eggs were plastic and pastel, this egg was different.


Happy Writing! Happy Spring!

Today’s Inkling: Which Door?



This week’s Inkling, found here, asks you to imagine what happens when you choose to walk through one of the doors in the picture. Explain your choice or tell a story about what happens after you step through the door. Inktopia Kids will add one more option: Write about what happens after you step back through the door and back to the outside.

Happy Writing!

Inkling Monday: What is Your Gift to the World?



Dear Inksters,

Welcome to this Week’s Inkling Monday — the first one in December!

While Thanksgiving is connected with sharing what we are grateful and thankful for, December tends to be a month when we think about giving gifts. I think about gift giving a lot in December because there are a lot of December birthdays in my family and because we celebrate Christmas. Others think about gifts as part of their Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day. But, I am usually thinking about which gift to give a particular relative or friend.

Today’s Inkling asks you to think in larger ways about gift giving. Here’s the question:

If you could give a gift to the world, what would it be?

You can think of the world as the entire world. Or your neighborhood. Or your town. Or your school community. Or any community you are a part of.

  • Write about your gift in your Writing Journal. What would you give? Why do you choose to give that gift?
  • Design a sign that advertises or shares with others your gift. What materials would you use? What colors would you write in? What tools would you use to write your message — crayons, pencil, pen, paint, stickers, magazine cut-outs?

Remember to share your signs and ideas right here on Inktopia Kids!

Happy Writing! Happy Giving!

Ink This!


Dear Inksters,

Welcome to this week’s Inkling — an idea worth writing about. Each week we will post Inklings that you can write about throughout the week. Have fun as you write, exercise those imaginations, and let those wonderful words grow into fantastic pieces on the page.

This week’s Inkling is this photograph from Eva Ho:


Open your writing journal and see where this picture, your pencil, and your imagination all lead.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • What do you see in the photograph? Describe it. Remember to use all of your senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and, yes, tasting!)
  • What is happening in this photograph? Tell us.
  • Imagine yourself walking through the space between these rocks. What would you see during your journey? What temperature would you feel? What awaits you on the other side?
  • Every mountain has a “face” or “faces” — sides that have identifiable features like ridges, ravines, and cliffs. In this photograph, though, this formation looks like it does have a face. Who is the face in the mountain? Tell the face’s story.
  • A line to work with: “The face stretched underneath ribbons of rock.”

Want to share your imaginings with the rest of the Inktopia Kids community? Then remember to comment to this post. Or write us at inktopiakids@gmail.com.

Inksters and Parents: For more of Eva Ho’s amazing global photography, visit her website: http://500px.com/eva_ho