Hi There Inksters!

Today’s PEN ME invites you to write FAN MAIL.


Well, not that kind of fan… Fan Mail is what you write when you want someone to know that you really appreciate what they do.

We borrowed this PEN ME idea from

We borrowed this PEN ME idea from

This person could either have done something for you — like when your parents make you lunch every day. Or it could be something the person does that you just really admire and appreciate. For instance, when the United States won their first game in the last World Cup, 7 year old Lucas wrote a fan letter to the team, letting them know how much he loved watching them play. He even shared a move he saw a player make that he tried to learn! I’ve written letters to writers whose books I really enjoyed.

So write a Fan Letter today. You only need a few short sentences to let someone know you appreciate what they do — for you or someone else.

A fun twist: Write a Fan Letter to a favorite character!

You might get a letter back from the person you write. You may not. But that’s okay. The point of a Fan Letter is just to let someone know you like what they do. Have fun!


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  1. Dear Nicole and Nigel,

    I wanted to tell you how proud I am of both of you. You have been so smart, caring and determined even when you were young – and I’ve known you since CCD, Nigel. You’ve worked so hard to achieve wonderful educations and fulfill your dreams together. You have done that in your work as well by sharing your knowledge and commitment with the next generation. Thank you for helping them.


    Mary Ellen

    P.S. The only thing that might be just as good is teaching at the alma mater. Sumus Primi!


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