PEN ME: Letter Inkspiration #1



Hello Inksters!

Today’s the day to put pen to paper and start writing those letters! Need some inkspiration? How about this:

Have you ever wondered what an older relative was like when she or he was your age?

Yes? Well then, here’s your chance to find out!

  • Choose an older relative to write to.
  • Gather your paper, pen, pencil, envelope
  • Gather any stickers or other fun item you want to use to decorate your letter and envelope
  • Write to this person asking about her or his childhood — What did they like to spend their time doing? Where did they like to go? Who was their favorite friend? Ask plenty of questions.
  • What to do after writing your wonderful letter? Mail it, of course!

Let us know if and when you start receiving letters in the mail!


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