What’s Inside: Easter and Passover Inklings



Hello Inksters!

How many of you celebrate Easter or Passover? What comes to mind when you think of these holidays? Perhaps you think of celebrating a Seder with family and friends. Or maybe you get excited at the thought of Easter egg hunts in the park. Or perhaps you love worshipping with your family at church. Perhaps, along with holiday excitement, you also are thrilled at the promise of Springtime.

And, since you’re all Inksters, maybe you think about writing too!

Today’s first Inkling (yes, there’s two!) invites you to answer this question: What’s inside this container?

First, choose ONE of the containers below:

  • Easter egg
  • Egg in a nest
  • Elijah cup
  • Easter Basket
  • Nest
  • Hole in the trunk of a tree
  • Grace Garden
  • Glass jar
  • Plate
  • Spring dress shoes
  • Pocket in a jacket or blazer you haven’t worn since last Spring
  • Space between tall grass

Then write about this: If you could put anything inside your container, what would it be?

What you choose to put inside your container could be smaller than the container, larger than the container, or fit just perfectly inside the container. It can be an object you can hold (like a key?), one you can see (like a mountain?), or a feeling (like happiness?). Maybe your container will hold a memory or an expression of belief or knowledge. Maybe it will hold questions or things you are curious about.

An added bonus in today’s post: Click on the pictures above and they will take you to really fun holiday craft ideas!

And here’s the second inkling:

Write a story of 250 words that includes the following sentence:

While all the other eggs were plastic and pastel, this egg was different.


Happy Writing! Happy Spring!


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