Today’s Inkling: Mandala Word Art



Happy Monday, Inksters!

Welcome to this week’s Inkling — an idea worth writing about! This week we invite you, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, to create your own Gratitude Mandala.

What is a Mandala? 

“Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for “circle.” It is a form of art that comes from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Mandalas are often made out of sand, but can also be drawn or made out of other materials. I taught at one school where the food donations during the Thanksgiving Food Drive were all displayed in the shape of a bountiful mandala in the school’s entryway. It was such a wonderful display of the community’s generosity. And my son’s class this year drew and colored in beautiful Mandalas with chalk on the sidewalks at school when celebrating Diwali.

For this Inkling, we’ll make our Gratitude Mandala out of words.

Grab a piece of paper and any pencils, pens, markers, or crayons you want to use. Start your Mandala by writing “I Am Grateful for” or “I am Thankful for” at the center of the paper. This is the hub of your Mandala. Then think about everyone and everything you are grateful for:

  • Who do you enjoy having in your life?
  • What experiences are you glad you are able to have?
  • What activities do you enjoy doing?
  • What are you glad or relieved that you don’t need to live without?
  • Who or what do you treasure?

Write your words around the hub of your Mandala. Fill the page. Share it with your family during your time together this holiday.

If you are a pre-writer or early writer (which means your grown-up is reading this!), share what you are grateful for with your grown-ups. They will write your words down for you. Or, pre-writers can also draw or use stickers to show their gratitude and then talk about what they created with their family and friends.

If you love creating graphics on your computer, try creating a Gratitude Mandala in the form of a Wordle. See this Wordle Mandala here and visit the site for instructions:


If you want to fill in an already shaped Mandala, try this colorful one:


Or this one. You can color it and fill it in!:


Enjoy creating your Mandalas. Use them to remember all that you are grateful for. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Writing!


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