Writing Campers Ink This!: A Sandy Scene


Hi Inksters!

Welcome to another day of Inktopia Kids Summer Camp! Today’s writing activity takes us back to a photograph we’ve seen before. Remember this photograph from Eva Ho?:


What an amazing image! This week, the Inksters at summer camp wrote in response to this photograph. Here are a few pieces they created. First, a haiku by Heidi, age 9:

20140819_100911 2

And another haiku by Rania, age 9:


And here’s a piece called “Beach House,” by Reina, age 9:

“The sand is inside the house. It looks like the beach is inside the house. It looks like I would love to live in this house. It looks like the clouds are near the sand on the floor in the house. It looks like the house is close to the beach. The only thing I usually don’t like about going to the beach is having the sun beam down on me all the time. If I lived in this beach house, I wouldn’t get sunburn!”


Berlicia, also age 9, wrote this description: “Sand rippling through itself, coming out the door and bracing itself from the house. It was flowing and flowing…”


And Logan, age 9, wrote this story:

“Once there was a war. Fires raged through towns.

Once a girl and her family hid. One girl. One mother. One father. Two brothers. Together.

Once wind blew the roof off. Sand shifted in through the open door.

And the girl and her family tried to stop the sand from burying them. Burying them from the world. And the sand kept cascading down.

Once there was a war. Houses burned to the ground last night.

When that was over, the girl and her family crept out. And joined the survivors.”

20140819_101608 20140819_101703 2

Want to write your own piece in response to this photographic? Here is the original Ink This! writing prompt:

Ink This! Photograph by Eva Ho

We look forward to reading what you write about this sand-filled scene, too! And if you are inspired to take photographs, send those along as well. Just post it here as a comment to this post.

Happy Creating!


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