Writing Camp for Girls at Inktopia Kids


20140820_145414My Happy List, Logan, age 9

Hello Inksters!

This week, we started our SECOND ANNUAL Inktopia Kids Writing Camp for Girls! This year’s camp is Picture This!, a Photo-Journaling writing camp:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how many stories, poems, and dialogues we can create from photographs you take! Please join other girls — young writers who are entering grades 3-5 — for Picture This!, a fun and creative photo-journaling camp. Every day, you’ll take photographs and write in response to your photographs and other images in our gallery. You’ll participate in inspiring activities and learn tips to help you as you journal. At the end of the week, you’ll create a portfolio of images and words that capture how you see yourself in the world. And you’ll take home new habits to help you write where you are, whenever you like.

Because all of our Inktopia Kids readers can’t make it to New Jersey for a week of camp, we thought we’d share some of our prompts, activities, and creations with you here over the next few days. Use them to inspire your writing at home — whether you are a girl or a boy!

Our first camp activity: Make a Happy List.

Our Inkspiration Question: What makes you happy?

Every inkster wrote experiences, activities, people, or other things that make them happy on wide popsicle sticks (a very summer thing to have around!). Then they decorated the sticks with sharpies and stickers. Each inkster shared her happy list with the group. It gave everyone a way to get to know each other a bit before we started our week of writing together.

So go ahead and create your own Happy List — on popsicle sticks, as a list on a journal page, on a chalkboard at home.

And remember to share your happiness here at Inktopia Kids by posting your list as a comment.

Enjoy writing where you are!


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