A Different Way to Travel



Hello Inksters!

We are fortunate to be off to Trinidad and Tobago to visit family. The kids are so excited to travel on a plane.

Where are you traveling or where have you already traveled this summer? How did you travel — by car, train, bus, plane, boat, a bike, your feet?

This Inkspiration asks you to imagine different ways to travel. We are flying on a plane to Trinidad. But what would the trip be like, say, if we took a hot air balloon? Or if we could fly there like a migrating bird?

Write about a place you’ve traveled to, either this summer or some other time. Imagine a different mode of transportation to that place. Describe the experience. What would you notice that you didn’t before? How would it feel to be able to try a different mode of travel?

We also travel in small, necessary ways every day — to the grocery store, the beach, a friend’s house, our mailboxes, our own backyards. Imagine yourself traveling to these places in different, magical ways.

Perhaps your words will find you enjoying a magic carpet ride — to Target!

Happy Writing! Happy Travels!

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