Freedom: Another Way to Say…



Hello Inksters!

Did you have a fun Independence Day? You know, when we celebrate the 4th of July, we celebrate freedom. This week’s InkStart invites you to play with the word “freedom”:

Can you think of other ways to say “freedom”?

First, start by making a list of words that, to you, can be used to say “freedom.” This will be your list of synonyms — words that mean the same thing or approximately the same thing as the word you begin with.

Then, grow your list to include phrases or sentences, like this one from Lucas (age 7): “Freedom is having a good life.” Write down all the phrases or sentences that come to mind. Ask your family members and friends to add to the list, too.

Lastly, write about moments when you feel free. Do you feel free when you are swinging on a swing? Running up and down a soccer field? Sitting under a tree reading a book? Write about a particular time when you have felt free. Or tell a story that shows a character experiencing or fighting for freedom.

Most importantly, use your writing to freely express yourself. And remember to share your writing with us!

If you are looking for a few books about America’s fight for Independence, check out Mary Pope Osborne’s Revolutionary War on Wednesday (Magic Treehouse #22) and its non-fiction companion, American Revolution.


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