World Cup Soccer Day #6: Soccer Poetry


Hello Inksters!

For today’s InkStart, write a Soccer ACROSTIC poem!

What is an ACROSTIC? Check this out:


First, BRAINSTORM or write down words that make you think about soccer. Dribble the words onto your the page until you can’t think of any more words.

Then, on another piece of paper, write the word SOCCER down the side of your paper, like this:


Then use your brainstormed words to write your poem.

If you want to change up the way you have been writing, and write this time using a computer instead, check out this on-line Acrostic program: Interactive Acrostic

The first word in each line of your poem will start with the letter on that line. So, for “S” we might write: “Sprinting up and down the field, a fast-paced 90 minutes.” Or you might just write “Sprinting.” You can use single words, phrases, or full sentences in your poem.

When you are finished with your ACROSTIC, be sure to illustrate your poem.

If you want to write another ACROSTIC, try one using the country name of your favorite team.

Want to learn about a national organization that helps thousands of students with little resources to play soccer, write poetry, and learn how to be involved in community change? Check out America SCORES.

Enjoy watching World Cup Soccer! Enjoy writing!




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