World Cup Soccer Day #5: Interview Your Favorite Player



Hello Inksters!

After each World Cup match, reporters run to the field, locker rooms, and media rooms to interview coaches and players. They ask about the score, decisions during the game, specific moves, injuries, upcoming matches — basically, they ask about anything they want to know.

Today’s InkStart invites you to think about what you would ask a player if you had a chance. So grab a pen or pencil and paper and get ready for that interview — just in case!

If you had the chance to interview your favorite soccer player, what three questions you would ask?

To help you brainstorm possible questions, think about this:

  • What do you most want to know about this player?
  • What do you most want to talk about with this player?
  • How can at least one of your questions allow you to share your reasons for liking this player? Or allow you to share an idea you have with this player?

After you write your three questions, read them over and think about this:

If you only had a chance to ask ONLY ONE of these questions, which one would it be? Star it! — this is your most important question. Keep it in your pocket or in your memory just in case you bump into your favorite player someday!

Happy Writing! Happy Soccer Playing!


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