World Cup Soccer Day #4: Soccer Fans



Hello Inksters!

When we watch World Cup Soccer, we’re so focused on the game — the goals, the stops, the yellow and red cards, the flops — that we don’t think much about what is happening in the stands. How are the fans cheering? What are they wearing to support their favorite teams? What are they eating?

So today’s World Cup Soccer InkStarts are all about the soccer fans attending the games. Choose one, two, or write about all three!:

  1. If you eat hot dogs at a baseball game in the United States, what might you eat at a soccer game in Brazil? What food would you want to eat at a soccer game? Write about it in your journal and draw a picture, too. And, as yummy as hot dogs are, try not to pick hot dogs.
  2. If you were going to a World Cup Soccer game, what would you wear to show your support for your team? Really be creative: think about your clothes, colors, face paint, special hats, shoes. Describe your fan costume so clearly that reading your description would be like seeing a photograph of your costume. Draw a picture of your costume, too.
  3. Your friends and family have chosen you to write a cheer for everyone to say during a game. Write a great cheer to get everyone excited during the game.

Have fun creating!


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