World Cup Soccer Day #2: Make a List




Hello Inksters!

Our second World Cup Soccer InkStart invites you to make lists. We rattle off lists all the time: things we want to do during the day, foods we like to eat, places we like to visit, games we like to play, scores from our games or games we’ve watched. So let’s make some World Cup Soccer lists!


Make a list of your favorite players, your favorite teams, the scorers from different teams in the World Cup, or of the most exciting moves you saw during a game.

Be sure to give a title to your lists. For instance, the title for a list of favorite players might be “My Top Five Favorite World Cup Soccer Players.”

Can you think of other World Cup Soccer lists to make?

Record your lists in your journal or on individual pieces of paper. Post them on your wall. As you watch more World Cup Soccer games, add items to your lists. Revise or change your lists. Make new lists. Share your lists with friends and family. Invite them to make their own lists.

When the World Cup ends, you’ll have a great collection of writing that records all the things you were excited about during the games!

Enjoy making your unique lists. Be sure to share some with us!


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  1. This is such a great idea to start building lists which can be a lot of fun and a steppingstone for kids to develop life-long organizational skills.

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  2. School’s Out…KICK OFF the Summer and SCORE…
    Organize your TIME while thinking about your GOALS by being a
    CAPTAIN and lead while…
    Capturing your memories and
    Exciting days by…
    Relaxing and Writing!


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