World Cup Soccer


World Cup Soccer Ball Are you as excited about World Cup Soccer as we are? It’s thrilling to watch soccer players from all over the world compete. Watching these games might make you want to get outside and try some new soccer moves. Your love of soccer might even give you more reasons to write.

You’re probably wondering, “How can World Cup Soccer be an inkspiration to me?” For the next 6 days (since there are 6 letters in the word “Soccer” and in the Spanish word for soccer, fútbol) visit Inktopia Kids and you’ll find out. Each day you will find an InkStart, inspired by World Cup Soccer. We’ll even throw in a bonus 7th InkStart to celebrate the United States win against Ghana

So, here’s your World Cup Soccer InkStart #1:

Do you have a friend or cousin who loves soccer, too? Write her or him a letter about a game you watched. Tell her or him about your favorite play, or favorite player, or something about the game you didn’t like. At the end of your letter, be sure to ask a question. Your question will be an InkStart for your friend’s or cousin’s letter back to you!

You can also write a letter to your favorite soccer player instead!

Each day, try a World Cup Soccer InkStart. Let us know these prompts get your imagination dribbling, your pen running, your paper scoring…well, you get the idea: Ink up World Cup Soccer and share your creations with us!




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