My Name Is



Last week, several Inksters from the Princeton area gathered for an Inktopia Writing Camp: Build a Story. We had a lot of fun playing word games like Story Cubes and Bananagrams. We brainstormed creative and often silly InkStarts for the Journal Jars we took home. We felt proud of the stories, descriptions, and poems we created. And we grew a bit more confident sharing our writing with our friends.

Since you couldn’t be there, we thought we’d bring camp to you. Be sure to check in every few days for a new InkStart from our Build a Story camp. We’ll also post writing from the Inksters who attended camp. Feel free to scan your work and share it with us!

Today’s InkStart is the first InkStart from camp: My Name Is. 

This InkStart asks you to get creative and silly with your name:

  • Grab your journal or any paper and pen or pencil and take it with you to your writing spot.
  • Get comfortable. Sit, stand, stretch out, hang out.
  • When you are ready, Ink in the Blanks:

My name is ____________________.

My name was found in or on a ____________________.

It was ___________________ when I found it.

It is made from ________________________.

My name likes to ______________________.

It listens to the sound of ______________________.

It would eat ___________________ every day if it could.

It loves the feel of _________________________.

It enjoys the smell of _______________________.

If my name could speak, it would _________________.

If I could change my name, I would __________________.

If I lost my name, I would _________________________.

Be creative and imaginative. Be silly! Once you finish, play around with the order of the sentences. What happens when you change the sentences around? What order do you like best? Remember to share your writing with us from wherever you are!




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